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First off - Please dont be afraid of these rules. They aren't your typical boring stupid lame rules. They're fun to read :3

How to read the rules: First read the caption to get a basic idea of the rule. Then click "show" at the right to read more about the rule.

Do the rules apply to me?

  • In general, yes. As you get older in the guild, more of them are more lax.
  • If you think you are too good for or above the rules, don't even bother to waste our time by joining our guild. Thx. ^_~
  • (they are basic respect rules. If you don't/won't respect your friends, then there's no help for you here)

How Can I help?

  • If you see any rules that are outdated or need to be added/changed, please do so.
  • Staff cannot be online 100% of the time. We rely on regular members to help keep everyone in check too. If you, as a member, spot anything going on, please take screenshots, and report to us. If you think you can help resolve the situation without causing any more conflict, please do :) If you think that they are being over the top, and are not going to calm down, just report, and dont get involved. This includes if you see people logging in/out without talking, please let us know about those things too! :)
  • Thank you very much for keeping our guild fun and stress-free.


Old Rules

The old rules can be found here ->Old Rules If you want to read them for nostalgic purposes


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